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Social media campaigns are very difficult to do. Most small business believe just having a facebook fan page is enough and the customers will come running. Unfortunately, in 90% of the cases this is not true.


A good social media campaigns begins with a simple concept...connection. How does my business connect with people in a meaningful way? Our team of specialists study each business as a separate business case and will create a social media strategy make people want to share your business with their friends on a personal level.  Working with small businesses, our team is always budget conscious and looking to provide your small business with the right solution.




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We believe that when small businesses thrive - our communities become stronger. We can't imagine a community without small businesses, so we built a marketing and sales system that can help our local businesses compete in today's market without hurting their bottom line.


Retail Rewards also believes that  businesses that give back should be rewarded. Our dedicated team will try our best to shine a spotlight on the businesses that give back to their communities.


Rewarding customers for shopping local - Rewarding businesses for supporting communities!

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