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The MyLo mobile app is designed to help your business reach new markets by rewarding your customers for their support.   Please watch the video below to see how it works.

Your Mylo business membership allows your business to implement as many rewards as you like on the same day. With the membership, the business is in charge - we never take additional fees or a percentages of the sale. Your business works hard for every customer - your business should keep the sales and broaden the market base at the same time.

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Our Mission

We believe that when small businesses thrive - our communities become stronger. We can't imagine a community without small businesses, so we built a marketing and sales system that can help our local businesses compete in today's market without hurting their bottom line.


Retail Rewards also believes that  businesses that give back should be rewarded. Our dedicated team will try our best to shine a spotlight on the businesses that give back to their communities.


Rewarding customers for shopping local - Rewarding businesses for supporting communities!

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