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Proprietary Purchase Order


An innovative way to reduce costs for our Retail Rewards Small Business Members- our proprietary purchase orders (PPO's) is designed to help small businesses reduce their inventory and overhead costs. Along with your membership to the MyLo App our members can place purchase orders for items they use for their business- at no additional cost.


Why Use a Retail Rewards PPO?


Our PPO's costs our members nothing and we typically save businesses 10% off the retail price or their normal purchasing price. The only charge is a 20% fee on the saving we produce. If we can't save you any money off the purchase there is no fee. We also handle all logistics and quality control of the product, businesses are responsible for any shipping and taxes as applicable.


So How Does it Work?


Our members login into the administrative panel of the Retail Rewards website and fill out a request to initiate a PPO. We review the request and perform some baseline negotiations with the manufacturer or whole-seller and established a price range. If the small business agrees to the terms of the contract, the established top range price and time line, our Retail Rewards service representatives will continue with negotiations try to reduce the price further. We have established relationships with manufacturers and whole-sellers and can use our network to help drive down prices; saving you and your patrons money.


Added Safety


As an added safety measure, any purchases made through our PPO is held through an escrow account. You release the funds only when you receive the merchandise and the contract is fulfilled.

There is absolutely no risk to the business and you know you have a team of dedicated merchants ensuring the quality of your order.

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We believe that when small businesses thrive - our communities become stronger. We can't imagine a community without small businesses, so we built a marketing and sales system that can help our local businesses compete in today's market without hurting their bottom line.


Retail Rewards also believes that  businesses that give back should be rewarded. Our dedicated team will try our best to shine a spotlight on the businesses that give back to their communities.


Rewarding customers for shopping local - Rewarding businesses for supporting communities!

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