Small acts can produce big results.

A Socially Conscious Company

Retail Rewards believes in the power of small business. On average, 52 cents for every dollar spent at a local small business stays locally vs. 16 cents for big retail and national chains stores. The MyLo app and backend purchasing program helps small businesses compete in todays market - keeping more dollars in the local economy.  Join the movement and support small businesses and your local community today!


Rewarding Customers


Business Solutions


Rewarding Businesses


The MyLo mobile app is designed to reward your customers for supporting your business - on your terms! Customers can walk into any store with the MyLo logo or search for businesses on their mobile app and know they are supporting a local business. After finding a small business, the customer finds what they are looking for - they share a social media promotion - shop while getting rewarded - and save!

Our team of professionals have solutions to help your business succeed in todays market. We specialize in creating media (video and static) pieces, web/applications, and capital reducation solutions.  We understand that budgets are always tight so we work with businesses to find the right solution for them.  If you are unhappy with any solution we provide - we will remedy the issue or its free!

The entire Retail Rewards team believes that small businesses that are active members in their communties should be rewarded for thir good deeds. We want to become active partners with any business that gives back to their community and we hope to create special media peices to spotlight their good work - at no cost to them. We hope our small actions can grow into big things for small businesses and our communities.

Our Mission

We believe that when small businesses thrive - our communities become stronger. We can't imagine a community without small businesses, so we built a marketing and sales system that can help our local businesses compete in today's market without hurting their bottom line.


Retail Rewards also believes that  businesses that give back should be rewarded. Our dedicated team will try our best to shine a spotlight on the businesses that give back to their communities.


Rewarding customers for shopping local - Rewarding businesses for supporting communities!

Retail Rewards